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A universal remote control can truly be universal only if it lets anyone control any combination of devices and applications, whatever the protocol.

Android App

Coversal just released its brand new Android app. More info...



Following user requests, Coversal opens up an API for people willing to create their own profile or a new remote control layout.

Legacy apps

SSHmote and Androlirc are 2 remote control projects that will soon be be replaced the new Coversal app. Their documentation is now hosted here at Coversal.


Create an advanced remote control app for your product (device or application) using Coversal's innovative Unified Control Framework.

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Profiles: Supported Protocols and Software


Most electronics device remain controlled via Infrared.


The well known media center offers a lot a features.


Widespread protocol helping unifying the multimedia experience.


From VideoLAN. One of the main cross-platform media player.

Be part of it

Contact us if you want to add your application or device to the list.

Much more...

MPlayer, Kaffeine, Amarok, DBus, Quodlibet are already available, more are on the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this "Unified Control Framework" of yours?

The main idea behind the Unified Control Framework is that a universal remote control can really be universal if it lets anyone control any combination of devices or application, whatever the protocol. The Unified Control Framework will help us centralize and interconnect all existing and future protocols through a plugin system.

Can you really turn any Android device into an infrared remote control?

As far as the software is concerned, yes, we are able to turn any Android device into an infrared remote control. However, this feature requires a specific hardware in order to transmit IR signal and that's were things become complicated. Please visit the infrared plugin page to find out more about how to send IR signals with any Android device.

How can I create my own remote control layout?

The Coversal framework provides a very simple API which is very easy to use for anyone with a basic Android development knowledge. Coversal doesn't provide a remote control builder tool, so layout creation is currently reserved for developers. Now, if you're a designer and don't feel like getting into the programming, don't worry, just contact us and will work something out.

The Coversal app great, could you just add a ___ [fill the blank] feature?

We always welcome good ideas! So don't be shy let us know what you have in mind. You can either create a post on the forum or contact us directly using the form below.


  • For any usage or development related questions, feel free to use the mailing list